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"The effects of frosts and cold damage can eat away at growers' margins and can impact future year’s earnings as well, whether by physical damage to the plants or loss of contracts to wineries, canneries or supermarkets.

Growers who choose to mitigate the risk of frost by installing frost fans, have the assurance of more security over the future of their crop, as well as seeing crop yields and quality improve."

Steve Haslett - Director & Founder


New Zealand Frost Fans has been providing innovative frost protection solutions to growers around the world, with its range of FrostBoss® fans. From its base in Hastings New Zealand, a significant growing area well known for seasonal frosts, the business is specialising in frost fan design and manufacture, as well as the subsequent field placements, installation and servicing.

New Zealand Frost Fans have a significant Research and Development programme focussed on improving the efficiency and reliability of frost fans. The result of this research has been the development of FrostBoss® C49 frost fan incorporating the proprietary FrostBoss® clutch, controller and C49 composite blades.

A growing market for fan upgrades now exists as new technology is adapted for the population of ageing fans, especially in New Zealand and Australia.

The efficiency and productivity of such fans can be significantly improved by the retrofitting of composite blades, centrifugal clutches and gearboxes, particularly when coupled with automated controllers.

Web based monitoring of frost fans is also becoming more popular among large and small growers alike, and the FrostBoss® controller has been designed with this in mind.

Marketed through its own companies in New Zealand and Australia, FrostBoss® fans are also installed in Canada, Italy, France, Turkey and Chile through local Distributors.

We welcome enquiries from interested Growers & Distributors throughout the world.

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